Innovation Culture: the Principles

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“When it comes to innovation, people make a difference. And culture is what unites people through a system of shared values, enabling them to collaborate effectively toward a big purpose. A healthy culture can become the inner force driving the transformation of the organization while cultural blockers can prove to be the single point of failure even for well-planned, expensive innovation programs.”

But, how could a company develop ‘a culture of innovation’?

The following describes a ‘protocol’ — a set of behavioral and other rules — that can boost the innovation spirit and accelerate the organic growth of your innovation community.

The principles of the Culture of Innovation. The Innovation Mode — Krasadakis
Krasadakis G. (2020) The Culture of Innovation. In: The Innovation Mode. Springer, Cham.




Author of and Opinions and views are my own

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George Krasadakis

George Krasadakis

Author of and Opinions and views are my own

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