Thank you Jonathan Jeng for your thorough response.

I totally agree with your points and concerns. What I am proposing though is not just a piece of technology or a set of KPIs, but rather, a framework — a technology-driven transformation: a massive change in people’s mentality, a change in the way citizens engage with the political scene, a different way of evaluating politicians and their work — against their commitments and objective performance measurements.

I know it is difficult — or even utopic — but technology could play a role and start moving things towards this direction. Tech, could ‘discover the patterns’ and ‘eliminate the noise’ currently generated by all politicians, media, citizens. It could make much easier to ‘follow the truth’ and the ‘core signals’ — all based on facts and objective measurements; it would create extra pressure to politicians via a unified, strong citizen’s voice; citizens would find it easier and more meaningful to participate in the democratic process.

But again, even if there is the greatest possible implementation of this concept, it needs a time-consuming transformation to happen: a new political mindset. Happy to discuss this further.


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