A healthy culture can become the inner force driving the transformation of the organization while cultural blockers can prove to be the single point of failure even for well-planned, expensive innovation programs.

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But, how could a company develop ‘a culture of innovation’?

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There seems to be a great alternative: Work from Anywhere.

22 tough innovation questions answered by 60 thought leaders

Do companies need a Chief Innovation Officer?

22 tough innovation questions answered by 60 leaders: An amazing collection of thoughts from CxOs, academics, technologists, innovation experts, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and start-up founders — across industries and geographies. Get your free copy.

60 leaders share unique insights on corporate innovation

The key ingredients, the principles, and guidelines on developing a strong culture of innovation.

Defining the Innovation Culture.

Idea management is an essential innovation process — especially in large, complex organizations. This post presents the key principles that enable companies to ideate and innovate at scale.

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To streamline and accelerate innovation, companies need to integrate flexible processes and leverage advanced idea management technologies.

This month, in the Innovation Machine: A practical guide on how to empower the Innovation Function of your company during the lockdown. Also, a method to accelerate your ideation processes — by adopting a simple ‘idea model’ — and the key traits of Digital Product Leaders.

Innovation in Times of Crisis

Accelerating the ideation process with the ‘Idea Model’

The 9 traits of a digital product manager

How and why to accelerate innovation amid the pandemic.

Why invest in innovation during times of crisis?

1. To increase your opportunity discovery bandwidth.

2. To improve the ‘state of mind’ of your company.

How to empower innovation in times of crisis?

1. Make it more ‘available’

2. Make it more ‘flexible’

How Might We use the latest digital technologies to tackle the ‘Fake News’ problem?

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