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A home office desk with laptop, screen and camera
A home office desk with laptop, screen and camera

There seems to be a great alternative: Work from Anywhere.

The world is changing dramatically — the pandemic and the subsequent lock-down enforced the rapid adoption of digital technologies bringing a direct impact on core aspects of work and life: education, learning, communicating, shopping, and, most importantly, working. The lock-down enforced new ways for people to provide services to companies (and to each other) — and most of these changes, are here to stay.

Until recently, working together in the same building for a fixed nine-to-five schedule has been simply the accepted norm — due to a number of reasons including convenience, easier monitoring and management of employees, and the lack of effective, mature collaboration technologies. Moreover, a certain corporate culture and managerial attitudes questioned the efficiency of ‘working from home’ — most of the companies wouldn’t encourage their employees to systematically work remotely. …

A chain of ideas ‘written in stone’ on blockchain — in the context of Open Innovation. A global platform for publishing ideas, empowering collaboration, and contribution.

Image for post
Image for post
Image by athree23 from Pixabay

I genuinely believe in ideas. Great ideas energize and inspire people; they can transform teams, products, companies, or even societies; they can bring fresh views to complex problems; they can reshape strategies and shed light on unexplored areas.

Yes, ideas alone cannot change the world or build business empires. In practice, even the boldest of ideas can be forgotten, abandoned, or fail due to poor framing and/or execution. To drive results and bring impact, great ideas also need exceptional execution which usually involves a massive effort and collaboration across various teams and, in some cases, organizations.

However, every initiative starts with ideas. It is some great ideas and their potential that inspires individuals, businesses, scientists, and the entire world to move further. And this was the source of inspiration for a new kind of sharing platform: a place where people can articulate and share their concepts, in search of ‘attention’ from the ecosystem — other innovators, businesses, the startup world; communities, and the market. …

When ideating at scale, it is important to capture ideas using a shared, compact format. This article presents the Idea Model along with various examples of how to write effective executive summaries for your product or business concepts.

A person is looking on a wall full of yellow sticky notes, possibly with ideas
A person is looking on a wall full of yellow sticky notes, possibly with ideas
Beyond sticky notes — ideas need some structure (Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash)

The problem with ideas in an innovation context is that they usually come in a wide range of formats and varying levels of detail and sophistication: Sometimes an idea is ‘expressed’ on a sticky note and put on the wall for ‘evaluation’. Often, ideas are documented and presented through lengthy and difficult-to-consume decks, that usually receive limited attention and engagement.

Ideators need a standard, compact way for articulating ideas quickly while innovation leaders need a stream of consistent, standardized ideas, expressed in a comparable way. …

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