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3 min readMay 16, 2022

A holistic view of AI — from Algorithms to Ethics

I am very excited to announce that a very special project is going live soon: ’60 LEADERS ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE’. This unique book is a product of ‘open collaboration’ of 60+ global thought leaders who share their unique views on AI, in the spirit of knowledge exchange.

But why produce such a book?

Artificial Intelligence is changing our world — how we work, communicate, study, collaborate and decide as individuals or societies. However, AI has become yet another buzzword as people and companies tend to overuse the term while the media loves to reproduce the edge cases of AI — both success stories and dystopias inspired by General or Super-AI, e.g. AI exceeding human intelligence, robots taking control, and so on. As a result, the level of understanding of both the opportunity that AI brings and the real risks from its misuse is rather limited among the non-experts; and this could be the source of additional risks.

Cover of ’60 Leaders on Artificial Intelligence’

To fix that and increase the chances that it is used in the interest of individuals and societies, we need to raise awareness and the level of understanding of AI — to remove the hype and educate people about the technology and its applications; to demystify AI and present it in realistic, non-technical, yet precise ways; to uncover the real risks and ethical concerns, and layout strategies to address them.

Business leaders, policymakers, educators, scientists, students, consumers, and citizens — we all need to realize the potential that AI brings to humanity and also understand the threats of misusing it. This will allow our societies and organizations to adapt faster to the new technology landscape, face the risks and implications of Artificial Intelligence, and embrace it as a ‘smart tool’ that augments people and helps us all achieve more.

And this is the ambition of this book — to help clarify our AI-powered future by providing a single view of the technical, business, societal, and ethical aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

What makes ’60 Leaders on AI’ special, is that it is written by 60 global leaders — CxOs, academics, researchers, technologists, data scientists, and entrepreneurs who I had the pleasure to invite and ask a range of ‘tough’ questions that cover various facets of AI.

The result? A holistic view of Artificial Intelligence, covering the state-of-the-art, the risks, and the impact on businesses and societies — a set of diverse views, insights, ideas, and in some cases, truly unique perspectives.

The book is organized into 17 chapters, each corresponding to one question which is answered by various leaders. For example, I am asking the leaders “What is the most impressive task that AI can accomplish today?”, “How could a ‘conventional’ company transform itself into a data-driven, AI-powered organization?”, “What are the ethical concerns regarding the massive power and the general adoption of AI?”, “How is AI changing the global, geopolitical system?”, ”Will AI become capable of replicating or redefining itself?”, and more.

I am extremely grateful to the 60+ leaders who made this idea a reality. And of course, in the spirit of open collaboration and knowledge exchange, ’60 Leaders on AI’ is offered at no cost — you may get it for free at 60Leaders.com/ai

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